As I Find My Voice

As the BIG 5-0 approached, I found the courage to take a stand and use my voice to make myself heard. At last, I am ready to boldly say how I truly feel: vulnerable, anxious, and at times depressed. I feel a call to share the pain and challenges of marriage, parenting, and coming out of the faith closet, while showing the love I have in my heart for all people. The easy part is loving our Kahlua - the greatest dog in the world (for our family).

You might know me as a

...mother, occupational or craniosacral therapist, military wife, prayer warrior, global traveler or friend.

My heart beats for helping others, to know they are not only heard, seen, and loved, but especially to know that they are not alone.

Connecting with people is one my greatest joys in life.

Talking out problems—whether in marriage, parenting, or faith—with friends who have either walked through or are in the thick of similar situations sparks my interest and attention.

These conversations led me to ask burning questions:
  • Am I alone in feeling and thinking like this?
  • Is there a place where brave people share their experiences to encourage others?
  • When you feel like you are stuck in the pit or in the depths of the valley, who supports you on the climb out towards the mountain top?
  • Who cheers you on with love?

These are the questions I would like to explore with you. Let us journey together.

Listen In and Know You Are Not Alone!

My Backstory

I was born and raised in Salisbury, North Carolina, the daughter of parents from the suburbs of Philadelphia, with a unquenchable thirst to learn and connect with others. The youngest of four unique and talented siblings, I developed a keen sense of observation, and an empathic soul to listen, help, and bridge the gaps that divide people. Here is my story.

As a young teenager, I experienced a divorce of parents when it was far less common, and was motivated to change my future and explore more of the world. I attended the North Carolina School of Science and Math in Durham, NC, where I met some my dearest friends to this day, as well as my future husband (more details to come).

Later, I earned a B.A. in Design from North Carolina State. After graduation, I waited tables in London, and learned about a career in Occupational Therapy (OT). During my transition year, I taught preschool, volunteered in a local Rehab Hospital and worked with people who had physical and/or developmental challenges. Eventually, I earned a Master’s in OT from UNC Chapel Hill. (If you are from NC, you will appreciate that my degrees came from universities with intense rivalries.)

On June 29, 1996, I dropped off my Marine to deploy for 6 months and cried alone as I drove the 3 hours to my graduation ceremony. I had been married for only four weeks and was about to embark on the most extraordinary adventure of my life. Some may ask if or assume that I knew what I was getting into… Um, I had no real clue.

Satisfying my passion for travel and exploration proved to be an exercise in delayed gratification. When he proposed, my soon-to-be husband promised to show me the world. Eleven years and two wonderful children later, we (finally) began our global travel - more than 50 countries on 5 continents over the subsequent decade.

Seeking a sense of purpose, I pursued growth in my faith and hope, became a world-class packing and logistics coordinator, made incredible friends around the globe, and landed in Colorado (with a grand view of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains)—practicing once again as an Occupational Therapist (OT). My Marine safely returned (many times) and finally retired, and we continue to work on the marriage we began back in 1996.

This podcast and blog adventure was born out of a desire to be brave, walk in faith, and model for my children what it means to step way out of a comfort zone. Also, I desperately craved something that I found terrifying, to both stimulate my creativity and maintain my sanity during an unprecedented and crazy year!

  • Scared? You bet!
  • Stimulating? Absolutely!
  • Creative? Yes!

Ready, set, let’s go for it!



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